Meeting Place Sketch

by James Story

This is the first sketch I’m going to send in as part of a call from the BBC Writer’s Room for radio sketches based around different genres. This one is for Thriller/Suspense.


F/X: Phone Rings

John: Hello?

Kidnapper: (D) Mr Reynolds? John Reynolds?

John: Yes?

Kidnapper: (D) We have your wife, she’s safe for now.


Give her back now!

Kidnapper: (D) Easy now. We wouldn’t want any harm to come to her would we?

John: Just tell me what you want.

Kidnapper: (D) One million pounds. Meet us at the disused car lot across town at midnight tonight with the money.

John: Erm.

Kidnapper: (D) What? What is it?

John: Well, I really would like to get my wife back. But, the truth is I have no idea where that is.

Kidnapper: (D) Really? Fine. We’ll be at the southern entrance to Riverside Park. Midnight.

John: Nope. Don’t know that one either.

Kidnapper: (D) Come on. You know, it’s opposite the cinema that shut down when all those people got stabbed.

John: Well I’m not going to come now.

Kidnapper: (D) That was months ago! Well, that was weeks ago!

John: Absolutely not.

Kidnapper: (D) Well, where do you know?

John: Erm, Adams Street. There’s a closed down takeaway there.

Kidnapper: (D) Yeah and a police station. I’m not falling for that one mate.

John: How about the old mecahnic’s then?

Kidnapper: (D) That’ll do. Yeah. Midnight then.

John: Oh right, yes…

Kidnapper: (D) What is it now?

John: Only I’ll need some time to get the money together.

Kidnapper: (D) How long?

John: A couple of days.

Kidnapper: (D) That’s too long.

John: Look, I would get it today but it’s already past 4. I mean it’s not a very good idea ringing up in the middle of the day asking for ludicrous amounts of money when you know the bank’s shut. And it’s Sunday tomorrow.

Kidnapper: (D) Well, you do have a point there.

John: So if you want your money you’re just going to have to wait. Unless you want me to do it online, I’ll need your bank info though.

Kidnapper: (D) God no. I’m not going to just give you my details. You think I’m stupid?