Leeds Student Newspaper Articles

by James Story

My (hopefully) long and fruitful journey into the field of writing got a real start when I started to get involved with the Leeds Student newspaper when I was in my third year of university. I absolutely adored my time at Leeds University and it felt great getting something I had written printed for the very first time. Attached to this post is a PDF file containing all of the pieces I did that were published in the issues that went out to students all around campus (though, sadly, the work I did that went up on their website has been removed as per their policy every academic year). There’s a whole bunch of different stuff in there, which I also loved getting the chance to sink my teeth into.

I reviewed a few films, covered the Thought Bubble comic convention (one of my other great loves I discovered at university was comic books), threw in my two cents about the Oscar season and even got my original article ideas published, including my thoughts on spoiler-heavy trailers and the abundance of CG in modern cinema. Click the link and have a browse!

All articles were published in various issues of the Leeds Student newspaper from September 2011 to May 2012.

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