Ladies And Gentlemen Short Story: Death Of The Old Ways

by James Story

It is high time that I posted on here about (so far) the only time that something creative of mine has been judged as good enough to be printed. My good friends that I met through the University of Leeds Comic and Graphic Novel Society, Richard Worth and Jordan Collver, are something of creative types themselves. By that I mean that they’ve only got and made their own independent comic book! It’s absolutely tremendous to see their work and I implore that you check them out at The Water Closet Press.

Rick and Jordan were lovely enough to open up their world of rambunctious Victorian adventurers (titled Ladies and Gentlemen) to other independent writers and artists to spin their own little tales and have them collected into a big bumper book of creative goodness. There’s some lovely work in there along with a short story I wrote about a magician, Hex. It was a great exercise for me. For one, I could take any of the characters that Rick and Jordan had already made and do anything I wanted to them. Not literally, of course, because they could always not print what dastardly deeds they think wouldn’t really fit into the character.

The second reason it was a great experience is that I finally have something tangible. I have a story, printed and bound together, that I can pick up, point to and shove in people’s faces and that feeling is, quite frankly, out of this world. It’s a good feeling to have a ‘best thing I’ve made’, which means I should start going from strength to strength.