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April 2013 – More What Culture Articles

April didn’t bring anything new in the form of content, but I kept writing for What Culture and delivering a range of content, which is linked to below:

10 Reasons Pokémon Will Never Catch On

The Walking Dead: 5 Best And 5 Worst Changes From The Comics

Iron Man 3: 10 Reasons Tony Stark Is A Terrible Hero

NBA 2013 Playoffs Preview & Predictions: Who Will Win And How?


March 2013 – Starting To Write For What Culture

After finishing my university course I looked into writing online for various websites that seemed to be focused on areas that I loved. What Culture seemed to be a great match for me seeing as they covered film, TV, wrestling, sports, comics and gaming (which pretty much covers all of my great loved in life). They got back to me at the end of February 2013 and said I start writing features to be seen on their websites by millions of people which was a real boost for me.

I still write for them today and it’s a great chance for me to get almost anything I want to write seen by a lot of people. The staff also offer great feedback to help their entire writing staff. As you can see below, I started off with a range of stuff from a real passionate article about Doctor Who to a more humorous one about creepy film characters.

Below are the posts from March 2013 that were featured on What Culture:

Doctor Who: 10 Reasons Christopher Eccleston Is The Best Doctor

WWE: 10 Best Wrestlemania Show Stealers

10 Common Mistakes Comic Book Movies Make

10 Creepy Movie Characters Who Are Future Serial Killers